Location and Parking Information

We are located in the 4 story building on the Route 1 South side. Access to the building is from Canal Pointe Blvd off Alexander Road.

Parking Information
Princeton University staff officed in 701 Carnegie Center may park in Lot 40 in any spot not designated for visitors or other special parking. During weekday business hours, staff parking in Lot 40 must display both a valid hangtag and a decal. Several parking spaces in Lot 40 are designated for fuel efficient or electric vehicles or for carpools. Princeton staff whose office is at 701 Carnegie Center who have a vehicle which qualifies as LEEDS certified vehicle may park in Fuel Efficient parking. Lists of LEEDS certified vehicles can be viewed here. In addition, motorcycles may park in any designated fuel efficient space.

Visitors to the 701 Carnegie Center, which include members of the Princeton community who are not officed at 701 Carnegie, as well as individuals not part of the Princeton community, may park in any of the identified visitor parking spaces in Lot 40. Members of the Princeton community attending OIT training sessions or otherwise having meetings at 701 Carnegie Center with a valid parking permit for a campus lot other than Lot 40, may park in visitor parking while doing business at 701 Carnegie. Handicap parking is available next to the 701 building by front entrance. Valid University and New Jersey State disabled hang tag required.

Transportation & Parking Services enforcement officers patrol Lot 40 and will ticket vehicles parked illegally. For additional information regarding visitor parking on campus, please visit the Transportation & Parking Services website.